Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The mind and the eyes

Eyes, eyes, eyes, the all seeing
Weeping, watery, worried
Intervals of two and four, and
A long afternoon journey with lots of memories
Old, and new ones, desperately trying to be formed.

The heat, homeless and searching
Avoided calls and missed meetings
The Witches of Eastwick
The Good Cop/ The Bad Cop
The Namesake, and other
half formed titles.

Current state of mind: Preoccupation

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


An acquaintance had sent yet another forwarded email. Before deleting I went through it briefly, and among the many wrenching images, these three pull the most strings, each time.

1989: A young man in China stands before the tanks during protests for democratic reforms.

1980: A kid in Uganda about to die of hunger, and a missionaire.

1990:A mother in Somalia holds the body of her child who died of hunger.