Saturday, May 31, 2008


Evenings which serenade you with a cool breeze accompanied by gentle promises of a few pure droplets on the skin
Planes which shudder in the sky and rise up above the stratosphere
Sauces flowing down the shins and
Catching up with friends after a seven-year itch
Exhilerating, depressing, yet hopes that next time
Whenever wherever would be in calmer times,
Inside us.
Gentle tentative hugs and almost embarrassed smiles
Lifelong waves and
Wishing a tsunami would calm the turbulance inside
Time melting away too swiftly for comfort
Because, yes, there are just too few of us around
And learning the hard way is never easy.

A shout out to I in G, J in A, M in B, S in E and C and C skipping away into the sunset in the Maldives. Till next time folks. Love you all, as only a tipsy being can!

Monday, May 12, 2008

On parallel realities

An extremely morose and melancholic week, spent seriously wondering - and with increasing realization, that there just might be a parallel reality where all the spines have migrated. Leaving the current one saddled with small words like dishonesty and diplomacy.

Yes I did say I like words. But just words, are just that, and often not enough.

I guess, we all have our private initiation ceremonies.

It takes getting used to.