Saturday, October 24, 2009

You. On this day. At this time.

Ground coffee from Bali
Lebanese baklava
Words, thoughts, ideas, wishes, a few tears, a few plans
Green trees and faraway skycrapers
And friends
Are in my thoughts this morning.
Those I know well
And those I have never met
You are in my thoughts today.

E.Gilbert, you of the three chapters.
D.Singh, sadness. at the way your were treated.
E.VB, I hope you are enjoying the train ride and when you get down the wind blows your hair around and gives you a refreshing start in the weekend city.
T.Li, I think of your long walks on the road in the busy traffic. Reminders to get out of office and get on with life. Cheers.
Beeps, I know you are with your kids and I see you walking with them and I see you smile. For your words of wisdom always I thank you. And for your patience, and love.
J., as I read this book I think of you in Dharamsala and the vipassana discussions and I see your hair and you make a smile and laughter hide in my cheecks raring to burst out.
Suu..I imagine you in Doon and Delhi. I think of you. And I see you giving presentations with that rushed diction of yours. Stay happy.
T.Myers, I remember your message and I have been meaning to write to you for months. I hope your Saturday starts as a bright sunny day and you have a lovely breakfast with your wife.
Shimla Galimauffry, I am thinking of your pictures and your desciptions and your words. As I imagine my travels, I think of the buildings and the atmosphere you capture. I hope your Saturday is relaxed and lazy and full of the explorations you enjoy.
Lash. Health and happiness.
and M. Gopinath. I have been thinking a lot of the balance you have.

A big hug to you all
On this day
At this time
You are in my thoughts.