Sunday, January 27, 2008

Far from the crowd

I seek company of friends, old and new, when I am alone. But I've discovered that, I prefer my own company in a crowd. The trappings of joy de vivre are addictive, but then listening from a distance has its own moments. It has its not-too-sharp curves with deja vu signposts zipping by - slowly.

Watching in slow motion and listening from far far away, to someone sitting in front of you...
..Its like seeing an old frayed fawn-edged black and white photograph..
..Like watching cigarette smoke twirl elegantly towards the ceiling..
..Like slowing tracing your finger over someone's eyebrow..
..Its like writing words in your mind.

You get up, walk away to the distance, without the other person realising that you are no longer there. You learn things about the other person. Often just irritants, but sometimes surprising things, which gently tug you back.

Sometimes you even learn about yourself.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Discovery: "Cymballic"*: The sound emanating from rapidly gyrating cymbals. A very 90s (late) groove sound popular in the UK, at the cross-roads of a cacophony of the aforementioned percussion instruments, medium drum & base and pop-electronica. Popularised by musicians such as Armand Van Halden, The Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim.

Trigger point: Why Try Harder

Peak: Without doubt its - I See You Baby, but also Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice, and the goofy Praise You video. Reminiscing student life at K.

Postscript: (1)Now why the hell did nobody think of this word earlier? (2)Ideally this should have gone in the Words and Wordsmiths blog, but oh well, whatever.

*Not to be confused with the more common 'symbollic'

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Starters and appetizers

This - has got to be a record of sorts, even for me - within the first four days of the year, I have broken almost each and every one of my long list of new year resolutions. Yes, the usual suspects got crunched despite best intentiones - me, men, moods, money, booze, work, gym, food, etc...(..and you know what, so far it feels great ;-) !)

Still tomorrow is another day and another shot at the resolutions. 4 glasses of red wine, 1 shot of tequila, 2 shots of gin, 2 GnTs, 2 margaritas, 1 passion plum, no sleep for 2 nights and a bloody good mug of coffee, is enough to lift anyone's spirits (pun absolutely intended). Hence, here we go again at a second shot at the list....fingers crossed.

Cheers, and happy resolutions all. Yaaaay!