Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blueberries and cream; peace, coffee and a croissant; the pleasure of writing; and friends

Gosh...in between an extremely hectic and pretty stressed two weeks at work, some things to smile about which I never got a chance to pen down..

- Finally opened that bottle of 'blueberries and cream' shampoo which a colleague had gifted on my birthday months and months ago. I was given this, for its bluish-purple colour, but wait, unexpectedly, it has this beeeautiful aroma each time I open the bottle...like a fantastic smelling cake. And, each time I wash my hair, I feel fab! Thks S.

-I found a lead pencil, yes - using one after years, which is soo smooth it just glides across the page. Now each time I have to jot something down I keep the pens away and reach for the pencil.

-Enjoying a cup of coffee and croissant while reading the Sunday paper in a coffee shop which usually plays loud music, but this time somehow let us simply enjoy the peace with muted music in the background.

and a bonus one..

-Enjoying a sleepover at a friend's new house. Love the new house and how welcome I was made to feel. Random giggles over unpacking new wine glasses and having great vodca left over by 'our weekend friend' !! Lol J! And thanks, I am so glad you are back.


soumita said...

Brilliant... sounds wonderful!
Me wants your shampoo. Now if only these were the fun days of me staying over at yours... ! what's the brand? maybe, i can find it here..
and congratulations to J for her new house :)

Deep Sea said...

Heh heh heh..now you'll get a loong email with the minuteeeest details of the shampoo ingredients, hee hee...
(maybe I used too much shampoo in the morn..maybe the blueberries are growing inside my head/brain, like in Tonkyo Cancelled..aaargh aargh..). Shut up D. OK.

j said...

hey thats great - it was great havin you over....and you must come again before the Vodka vanishes....found another pack of cloves too...so the party awaits...thanks for being there always - be it fun-party time or difficult moments - you are always there....thanks to Soumita for her wishes...j

Clare said...

Hi Deep Sea

You commented on my post of February 16 2004 about my friend Rich. I was very touched, and a little surprised as I've been thinking about him all day. December 12 was his birthday.