Monday, March 10, 2008

That nip in the air

Desperately holding on to a fast receeding winter by goose-pimpled hands and ever so slightly numb fingers. Clouds and mist, those almost perfect bedfellows caressing the skin to give a sensuously languid start to the day. Ideal memories to last the long long summer.

Yes, despite the mopiness and preoccupations, twas a good start today.

Thank you.


Manandhar said...

More than once, your words go above my head! But every time I go through your lines I feel close to feelings, which otherwise will get lost in ambiguity.

Lets just say, I love the way your words sketch the images.

Deep Sea said...

Cheers, you're as kind as always.
It was such a beautiful morning, that it was easy.

Great to see you write by the way.