Saturday, April 04, 2009

The kindness of strangers

Among the pep talk recounts by friends. Here's one that I heard recently -

On the train right now, was offered a share of the home-cooked food being eaten by the elderly woman sitting next to me. Brought back memories of another incident. A few weeks ago, on the same train, travelling on the same had been one of those days being repeated again and again over the past two months. And as I sat staring out of the window unble to hide the pain and tears, two elderly men sitting across from me offered me tea. And insisted that I drink it. About an hour later, as they got ready to get down at their station, one of them very gently and for a fleeting moment patted my head, wispered 'take care' and disappeared.

The lady sitting next to me, brought back that incident. Sometimes, the kindness of strangers, just keeps you hanging on.

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Metal Monkey said...

You have a lot of spirit and it does pain me to hear your thoughts in this blog. That said, I'd rather hear them than not.

The kindness of strangers tastes twice as sweet because you do not expect anything from them. In fact, in this modern age we expect the worst, especially us urbanites and especially, especially those urbanites in Delhi where everything seems to have a price.

Travelling the world and couch surfing has shown me that there is hope: people you've never known before openly welcome you, share their homes and lives. From the small glimpses I have seen outside of Delhi, I would say that a lot of India is like that.

Take some strength in that. :)