Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tea cups

Today has been a nice day. Just nice. With the promise of impending winter. With the sunshine which felt so so welcome in the slight chill.

And a chance encounter with a blog with foodie tid bits about the city, really put me in the right mood for a cuppa!

Half a teaspoon of one of my favourite teas - The Spiced Imperial - by Whittard of Chelsea. Here's how they describe it: "..smooth black tea,..enriched with the taste of cinnamon bark and fragrant citrus peel, scented with spiky cloves and long dark pods of vanilla." It smells as good as it sounds, and for thee senses, is pure pleasure!

A teaspoon of the strong Red Label Tea (in Hindustan Lever's own words.." healthy, with a combination of tea leaves and tea dust"). Ha ha, healthy, robust and no nonsense. For those who like their tea strong - very strong. Tan tana tan!

Mix with a cube of sugar. And let it brew, let it brew, let it brew.

Add two teaspoons of milk and, voila! cuppa to be enjoyed with the fading light on the terrace.

Oh and top it with a drop of pure ginger juice..this one from Kerala is super.
And if you add more than four drops in a cup, it feels like you've bitten into a b@$$^y sharp ginger..
Like I did today :)

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