Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday evening, at a traffic light, I saw three street kids having the time of their life in the middle of all the vehicles. As soon the the lights turned red and the vehicles stopped, they shouted 'start' and ran between the vehicles playing hide and seek. All the time laughing and giggling and completely uncaring and unaware of the world passing by on wheels. One of them hid next to my autorickshaw trying to avoid the little boy tracking him. Another one bent low next to a black Honda salon. A few seconds before the light turned green, they were both 'found' by the boy tracking them, and all three erupted in laughter, slapped each other on the shoulders and walked off chattering away.

The world on wheels careened its neck to catch one last glimpse of the trio. A brief reminder of bliss, friendship, childhood, laughter and a niggling feeling of guilt. A few seconds later the lights turned green and with a silent sigh and a loud squeel, the world on wheels rushed on.

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