Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cocktails and cuff-links

A week of sorts.
Remembrances - old friends, a shout out to M. Mr Perfect.
Weight lifting and accents with lisps
A shiny silver ball, cuff links and ear studs
narcotics and a fan following
hair growing on palms (ha)
Touching base - almost
The wait.
The analysis.
elections and candidates
hangovers and a last question
Isn't kissing in public illegal in India?

The tally stands at:
Lime margarita - 2 Gin and tonic - 1 Blue lagoon - 1 Vodca and juice - 2 Comfortini -1 Devil's wiskers - 1

Current state of mind: tired and irritated, - with a (nagging) dash of hope, all mixed into a crappy cocktail.

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