Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The proverbial bright bulb or a whiff of cool air

'PM flays cancer of power theft'

The headline just caught my eye, barely, but it did. It seems our dear PM is out on an ethical drive. What with the recent 'To do' suggestions to the CII, - point No.1 (on 'profit marginalisation within the limits of decency and greed', or as some punters stated 'obscene salaries') of which, was promptly rejected by the industry the next day. At least the dear man is trying. With politicians, making sense of even simple statements leads to mucho head scratching, if not outright banging of the head. MS is well educated, has a small family, AND has no criminal complaints filed against him. Hurray, a ray of hope. Although, the issue of him fighting elections from his 'home' state of Assam, where he apparently resides, is a bit of a puzzle. But thats for a later date. Today is for some sparks.

So what did this news report remind me of?

May is almost over and thank the lord that with the showers every couple of days, it has been bearable. But the sun is nevertheless glaring down. In this heat, on my room, in second floor, there is no air conditioner. Yup. Un-f*****gbelievable but true. The landlord neither allows the tenants to put one, nor does the deed himself. The pure and simple reason being the old-fashioned tampered meters in the house. So, the offer to cover all costs, offer to go to elec. dept., offer to drive him to the elec. dept. etc. etc. have all gone to nought (or to coin a new phrase ' have drowned with the Davy Jones'!). A series of discussions, arguments, pleadings, poutings, etc. have led to a sweaty standoff. But what is interesting is the progression of excuses. Here is a sampling:
1. Yes, we will put an ac.
2. We have not had free time.
3. No electrician is available.
4. Waiting for the known electrician.
5. Electrician said it is not possible to put an ac.
6. It is too expensive.
7. Electricity department needs an application for ac installation.
8. Waiting for electricity department to get back.
9. We have guests from abroad.
10. We were ill.
11. I have to talk to the electricity department.
12. Electricity department orally said no.
13. We don't want to show our meters to the department.
14. New meters are too expensive.
15. New meters run too fast.
16. Wiring is too old.
17. Wiring cannot be replaced
18. House is too old.
19. House will burn down.
20. No.

Hmm..what can I say. Are his lies and stealing elec. what makes him a bastard, or is it also the seven-year old kid working as a domestic servant in his house? Does it really matter. This is the state of an educated, 80-something couple, earning about 30,000INR just in rent from one of their properties in Delhi. So, is it even worth tuh-tuhing to the cleaner earning about 4,000 a month who attempts to steal power from the neighbourhood cable off and on. Lets sweat over it. (and no, I don't mean that in a nice way).


~ Deeps ~ said...

power theft in del is much more due to the neo rich families of delhi who have just made money and know how to flaunt it but dont know how to live with respect in the society and lack basic etiquettes rather than the poor people....
both are at fault but these people more so.....btw how cum ur landlord hasnt put new meter, its mandatory now....why dont u send a unsigned complaint against him :D

Deep Sea said...

Oh, I'd be (VERY) happy to send in a signed complaint (and diligently follow it up!), - as soon as I get a new place! ;-)
On etiquette, I can go on and on with stories of the landlords... Getting a suitable place in Delhi is sure a nightmare.
Thks for dropping by.