Thursday, June 05, 2008


Finally, a small selection of some of my favourite images from Ethiopia.

The country, is amazing. And the people -- beautiful, gracious and kind.




The Poser


Tiss Isat




The others are being uploaded on Shutterfly. If you'd like a link to the whole set, send me a line or comment below and let me know.


Diego Jock said...

Amazing photos, my dear!
Keep on the good work!

abra├žos from Brazil,


Tushar said...

The preview of more to come is good enough to keep coming back to see them all!!! Waiting - Hope not for Godot :-0

Vithika said...

WOW!!! The pics are awesome...and you sure have a great piece of lens! :)

Tushar said...

Hi Vithika! I think it has more to do with the person behind the lens!!! Still waiting!!!! FOr more pixs

Maria loves Indya said...

Really really like your pics... I need to do something like this...sometimes I just want to go to furthest and most remote place - just to have some interesting stories to tell. Your stories were hilarious!!

Javita said...

Hey I finally saw the pics, really awesome, I had not seen these before. Great!!

Deep Sea said...

A belated thanks calls out to DJ, TS, JN, ME and VY.
Finally uploaded the rest and sent out the links.

Need to head out soon on the next trip!