Sunday, July 20, 2008

Being detective

One of life's little mysteries propagated by the big and small screen - the mystery of the cliched snapping shoe heel...

Two simple questions and two simple answers:

a) Does it actually happen?
In a crowded place.
And when you least expect it.

b) So then how do you walk?
You don't.
You develop a desperate coping mechanism.
Here's how mine went: stumble, drag foot, drag foot, little ballet step with heel off the ground, stumble, drag, drag, ballet step, ballet step, stand still and think 'this can't be happening', drag, ballet step, ballet step, watch with the corner of the eye how many people are watching, big drag, small drag, and so on and so forth..

In hindsight, its not that difficult really. And employing full force when throwing shoes in the bin, definitely helps in the healing process.

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