Monday, March 01, 2010

For Eeeenglish Pleez Plezz Nine

Seen on the website of an apartment house in Bangkok, Thailand:

-The number of people who can live in each room are not over 3 persons.

-Do not bring the illegal thing, every kind of animal, inflammable thing and fuel into the building.

-Do not play gambling and prohibit the outsider to congregate within the room.

-This building is for resident only. The hirer cannot make other business.


-Do not change and destroy the permanent attached thing with inspiring strength.

Love Letter - the handicraft shop in Yangon, Myanmar, lives up to its name with the following lovely words:

Welcome to Myanmar

We assort a handicraft in Myanmar and are waiting for everybody's crossing.

We sell the item of the owner careful selection such as the shell work, the shellfish picture, the rattan, the sandal, the pearl, the woodcraft.

Your Myanmar is surely found out.

Hmm..your guess dear reader, is as good as mine :)

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Sandeep said...

'Your Myanmar is surely found out.'

- What a line!