Friday, March 19, 2010

Freaky freaky freaky

Fifty minutes of a freakish roller coaster adventure. Pacific. Tonga. A missing laptop. Old colleagues. New colleagues. In the mind. Family. The only one. Emotions. Irritation. Dread. Chase. Men. Mobs. Cobbled walkways which existed. And those which did not. Huts. Closed doorways. Asking assistance. Dreading discovery. Photographs. The hyperactive mind. Not quite asleep. The hyperactive mind. Wide awake typing away.

Deja Vu. Almost.

Papers. Pacific. Fiji. Subordinates. Insubordination. Struggle. Not, Walking away. Does that count? Repeat conversations. And avoiding repeat conversations. Whats another word for avoiding unpleasant encounters. Hope - less? Or hope - full? Stupidity? Foolishness? And yet.

Yes. And yet.

1 comment:

Bee Bee said...

well i hope the chaos has subsided a bit. or considerably.