Sunday, June 06, 2010


read loads
finished: a Justine Hardy
started: an Andrew Whitehead

more reading lists

food: oh all kinds - Indian, Mexican, French
and then all three: fusion?
furniture and small furnishings
coffee - hot and cold: latter for some strange reason
coffee - instant and Balinese: neither helped
mangosteen vs mangoes: oh puhleese, the latter clearly
strange Chinese dessert vs Vietnames sweets: former very weird

phone calls, skypes, gtalks, emails

sleepless nights
sleepy days

Got lost in the same place on Sat
and then again on Sun



not for getting lost
not in this way

relaxed a bit
cried a bit
stressed a bit

After a while

quick visits to familiar old blogs
Shimla Gallimaufry
I've noticed that I visit you during certain similar periods in life
Life Aint That Bad
and where did you disappear?

sat out
sat in

formed lots of opinions

and resolves

even prayed

sigh. and yet the bloody thing is just not getting written.


and nope, don't feel like sentence casing either.

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