Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunshine spaghetti

These two days have been bloody B E A U T I F U L - literally! Despite all the shenanigans a day brings, nature really was fabulous. The sun was shining brightly. The leaves were green, the sky was blue and there was a pleasant breeze under the trees. Despite the sleepless nights, just stepping out in the gloriously beautiful day made me happy!

And the lunch recipe on this glorious weekend took 10 minutes to cook from scratch.

Spaghetti from Italy; almonds from Afghanistan; black pepper from India; chopped garlic, roasted sesame seeds, and a mixture of dried thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano and basil from Thailand. Lightly roasted and then tossed with butter and cheese.

And voila, heavenly 'Sunshine spaghetti a la internacianole' ready to be enjoyed outdoors in this fab weather!

Bon app.


Fruitful Fusion said...

This looks absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and dropping a comment!

Manandhar said...

I am hungry now!

Paredes said...


Maeve Lavelle said...

That looks yum!

Nimue said...

Nice photos!